Pet sitting so comfortable they'll almost forget you're not home.

A full range of Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting

Overnight care for your pet(s) while you are off island. A routine as close to their usual schedule as possible will be adopted, including their regular exercise regimen, and bathing needs (upon request).

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: Overnight from approx. 5:30pm through 7:30am, plus returns to the property for pets' lunchtime relief on request (subject to location)

Saturday - Sunday: Overnight and throughout the day (around weekend errands & activities), plus returns to the property for pets' lunchtime relief on
request/as needed.

On-Site Care (in their own home!) • Own Transportation • References Available

Additional Services

House Sitting

Not only will your pet(s) be well looked after in your absence, your
home, too, will remain secure and in good hands while you are off-island.

While on-site during a pet sit, your home, your things, and your
privacy will be respected.

Lunchtime Relief

If your dogs are unable to roam your yard freely during the day, a return trip to the home can be arranged around lunchtime so that they may relieve themselves, get some fresh air, and/or stretch their legs.

Note: this service is not available for locations more than a 15-20 minute drive from Hamilton during the work-week. However, this service is available on weekends,
regardless of location.

Dog Bathing

If you would like your dog(s) to be bathed during your absence, or perhaps to receive a refreshing "Welcome Home" bath prior to your return, this service can be added and repeated as required during the pet-sit. Please be sure to provide the shampoo(s) of your choice.


Pet Sitting:
• Standard overnight rate: $85 per night
• Premium overnight rate: up to $150 per night, determined by the specific pet sit requirements on an individual basis
• Feed & relieve visit (no overnight care required): $30 per visit
• Add Location Surcharge: The physical location of your home may incur an additional nightly surcharge. Please contact me for more details

Additional Services:
• Lunchtime Relief – up to $15 per day depending on location (not available on weekdays for locations more than 15-20 minutes outside of Hamilton)
• Bathing (with pet sit - please provide shampoo of your choice)
– Short-haired: $25 for small/medium dogs, $30 for large dogs
– Long/thick-haired: $30 for small/medium dogs, $35 for large dogs